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Happy Autumnal Equinox! We are entering into my favorite time of year! Fall!
I took this picture yesterday at the Arboretum one of my favorite places to visit this time of year. It would be a great place to read too but normally I take my kids, which means no rest for me. On to more book related adventures. I went to one signing this week for Kendare Blake. I think my bookstore might have messed up though they had the wrong date posted on the website so there was a poor showing. I think more people would have come otherwise. I actually called them and told them they had it posted wrong that day. So I wonder how many angry people showed up on Thursday. 

Happenings on the Blog;
15 Minutes by Jill Cooper (Guest Post, Hint #5 and Giveaway)
Contrition by Lee Strauss (Excerpt and Giveaway)
Unreap My Heart by Kate Evangelista (Excerpt and Giveaway)

A slower week but this week I have things posted for almost every day. Nope every day. I also might go to this YA convention in my hometown. I'm not sure why I'm even hesitating. I have to get my tickets today. It's a little more pricey then even things like RT so a little weird.

Okay so what ebooks I have gotten. Some of these I got last week.

I actually got Seven Day Faince by Rachel Harris but I can't show you the cover yet because the reveal is on Friday.


So I'm reading like a Demon right now. As far as physical books

Anna Dressed in Blog is not new but it's signed now
AntiGoddess by Kendare Blake
All Our Yesterdays by Cristine Terrill (which the author is coming to town woot!)

I've kind of have a hankering to change my layout again. I was going to post my The Burning Sky review and couldn't decide if I like how it looked. So ya we will see. 

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  1. Nice haul. I see lots of awesomeness in your pile. Hero was good. I enjoyed it. Seven Day Finance sounds really good.

    Books of Love

  2. You got Hero!! woot :) and I love that picture :)

  3. This is also my favorite time of year. You have some great reads :) I read The girl who curcimnavtigated (sp) a flying machine of her own making, loved it. Haven't gotten a chance to read the second one yet. Really need to read them so I can get the last one :)

    Have a great sunday
    Because reading is better than real life

  4. I really like the pictures, we are going to get all of our fall decorations out this week. I love this time of year. Enjoy your week.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's Sunday Post


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