#Unboxing #BYA01 Book Riot's Inaugural YA Subscription Box

I was excited when it came because I signed up for it right when they announced it because I'm crazy like that. I've also been have a bit of crummy week so this was a definite pick me up. So let's look at what was inside.

So with every box comes an explanation of why things are chosen and then of course bonus content. This time it was deleted scenes. The theme is storytelling. Which is where the Rory's Story Cubes come into play. I've actually been eyeing these things.

I actually got a lottery item in my box. Which is where the finished copy of Fairest came from. Which I was super excited about. Also How It Went Down and Razorhurst were included. I actually don't have any of these books so that works out. 

So I love Mugs and Tea so what perfect combo for me. This awesome mug that has Today I'm Reading... and then comes with chalk so you can write your current adventure. My chalk writing skills are not so great but I love the mug.

The teas are an English Breakfast, which I'm a fan of but the tags have quotes from different books. I'm of course a fan of the Alice in Wonderland one. I'll have to save the tags, I don't think I can resist drinking the tea. 

So overall I really enjoyed the box, I've been having fun with these. I know I could go out and buy books myself or bookish tea but honestly I probably won't. It's fun to have a surprise pop up quarterly. :)

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I love books, tea/coffee(by the gallon) and sour candy. I wear my nerd badge with pride and have two children ages 5 and 3 that keep me on my toes.
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  1. Cool! I'm glad to get a peek inside one of these boxes.

  2. How fun!! I do Secret Sister for just this reason - sometimes it's fun to get something unexpected! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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