Manga Monday

Hosted By: Alison Can Read

Title: Sailor Moon

So I decided recently to pick up the re-release editions of Sailor Moon. I'm actually pretty excited about this because I can say the American market really flubbed that one up the first time around. They had changed names of the characters to make them Americanized and even gender of some of them to keep the whole boy-boy and girl-girl relationships out of it. At least I know they did in the Anime, I'm not sure about the first release of the manga because I didn't bother to pick it up. I had the Japanese version. Sailor Moon is timeless classic of the Anime/Manga world and it's one of the ones that really brought me in when I was in Middle School. So if you had tried Sailor Moon and thought what the heck this is cheesy the first time around, I highly recommend you give it another go. People die, love triangles appear and of course they battle the forces of evil.