Teaser Tuesday

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Teaser Tuesday
So I had a devastating blow to my personal life. So reading is slow but I'm hoping some blogging will help take my mind off things. Before the world crashed around me I was able to make it to on of the #DaemonInvasion tour stops and scored an ARC of Onyx. I was able to meet the cover models for the book as well.

"Mmm." Our eyes met. There was a tender look in his that warmed and frightened me. "Been thinking about our bet? Wanna give in now?"

page 40, Onyx (ARC) , Jennifer L. Armentrout

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  1. Bet? What bet? ~ Awesome teaser! Added to Goodreads :) *New Follower*

    Here's mine: Realms of an Open Mind

    Happy Reading :)

  2. Oh my gravy! This just makes me want it even more! Thanks for the tease, really hope things improve for you soon Jen Witch!
    Big <3
    Come stop by My TT?
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Great teaser, I;m dying to read Onyx!! Hope everything's okay.

    My Teaser!

  4. Awesome teaser! I haven't read any Armentrout's book. :)

    My TT

  5. AHHHHH so I just finished the first one and now I find your teaser ugh when does this book come out I need it asap! Great teaser!! Here's my Teaser

  6. Great teaser! What's the bet? Will the loser pay?
    My teaser this week is from The Lie.

  7. My reading has been really slow lately too (health issues)

    Loved the teaser, I'm just now getting into this series

    Here's my TT

  8. Fantastic teaser :)

    This is my first TT and my post is on my blog...



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