Book Haul: Sunday Post

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So I've had myself on a book buying ban and have written one of these in a while. Even though I shouldn't be buying books. Well I still am. I've actually been trying hard to catch up on reading but my Nook went missing for a few days (this is what happens when you have kids). Plus this is my favorite month to kids outside and running around. There has been a lot of exciting happenings on the blog. All giveaways that are listed are still open!
I've been working on catching up on reviews. Sometimes I think I take too long because I want to make sure the review does a book justice. So I have some scheduled for this week! Yay.
So what books did I get this week. Just one, but I waited anxiously by my mailbox for it
 I'm so excited to step back into the world of Fey, although I thought it was going to be in hardcover but it's in paperback. I'm kind of in a paperback mode right now anyway.

I made a new banner for my page too. It took me a while to get it the way I want it. So it might be switched over already. Hopefully all goes well with the switch.