Manga Monday (with a twist)

Hosted by Alison Can Read
It's been a extremely long week for me. My dad is still in the hospital so I haven't spent a lot of time on the computer, but I am reading like crazy. I haven't read any Manga recently but I decided to get into the Holiday spirit a little bit. I used to have a thing for Anime Christmas specials, absolutely loved them! I figured why not feature some of my favorite Holiday Manga/Anime related things.
The Sailor Moon Super S, Christmas For You CD and yes I do actually own this CD. Back in the day before email (yep I said it before email) I had a ton of pen pals from a review I wrote that was published in a magazine called Animerica. (back when I was in middle school). One of those awesome pen pals sent me this CD one year for Christmas and I've listened to it every year. I'm not sure why because there is dialogue on it that I can't even understand but I love it. It's a lot of fun. The CD is out of print but you can hear the songs by going to and to the CDs Page.
This is the song list;
1. 赤鼻のトナカイ
Aka Hana no Tonakai (“Red Nose Reindeer”) [Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer]
2. ジングルベル
Jingle Bells
3. 聖者が町にやってくる
Seija ga machi ni yatte kuru (“Saints are Coming to Town”) [When the Saints Go Marching In]
4. おめでとうクリスマス
Omedetou Christmas (“Happy Christmas”) [We Wish You a Merry Christmas]
5. サンタクロースがやってくる
Santa Claus ga Yaatekuru (“Here Comes Santa Claus”)
6. サンタが町にやってくる
Santa ga Machi ni Yaatekuru (“Santa Claus is Coming to Town”)
7. ホワイト・クリスマス
White Christmas
8. クリスマスの歌
Christmas no Uta (“The Christmas Song”)
9. アヴェ・マリア
Ave Maria
10. きよしこの夜
Kiyoshiko no yoru (“Silent Night”)
How is that for some Holiday Anime Randomness for ya!!
Happy Holidays, I know some celebrations have already started!