Book Haul: Sunday Post

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This has been a pretty crazy past couple of weeks for me at work. Plus my dad's whole cancer battle gets tiring, even though I'm not the one going through it. He had a blood transfusion this week which I think helped him with his energy a little bit. I find myself reading more to keep my mind off things but not on the computer itself as much. I actually though I lost my hard drive which has a ton of reviews I haven't posted yet. I don't know why posted them yet, I think it's because i have to format the post or something. So basically I need to sit and give myself time to just do that.

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These are two books that I have from the library right now. Dark Triumph is an ARC obviously since it's not out yet. The reason that it's at the library (not for normal checkout) is because the authors are  coming to visit. So making sure to have all the books read before they come. It's kind of fun actually. C.C. Hunter and Alyson Noel are also coming but I have read their books. Well most of them, I have to catch up on the newest ones.

I also bought the newest Lauren Oliver book

and then Amanda from my book club Geeks who Read sent me Dualed

So I'm excited to read all these.