The Very-UnSunday Update

So it’s been a long time since I’ve done a Sunday update and obviously it’s not Sunday. So that’s why this is the Very Un-Sunday Update.

Life has been busy because things seem to really pick up in the Fall. My kids started school and both of them were starting new schools. My daughter going to Pre-School my son going to Kindergarten. So that was kind of overwhelming trying to get into a new routine that involves both of them.

Also I love Fall and I love to spend lots of time outside my house. Apple Picking, Pumpkin Fest/Fairs/etc.. and just bumming around the Arboretum. So I don’t log that much computer time besides at work.(which is plenty since I work in IT)

I also totally need to catch up on Outlander! I have those moments where I think..should I watch Outlander or should I read this book. Lately books are winning but maybe this weekend.

I have been going to book signings and I need to post pictures. I’ve actually missed some that I would normally go to. Not because I don’t like signings anymore, I love them! It’s just gets exhausting at times to juggle babysitters and time.

So I’ve been watching and reading different blogs and I’ve noticed the trends changing in book blogs. I’m going to just bullet point my observations and you can agree or disagree with me.

Blog Drop Off
This is something I noticed people discussing back in May. Not just the disappearance of blogs but people not entering as many giveaways and such.

People have become disenchanted with Blog Tours
I actually still like blog tours, I try to only sign up for ones that are for books that are on my reading list anyway. Or a book that I’m really really interested in. I also like to control my content as in Review, Interviews or Guest Post that I pick the topic. That way I know that even though it’s a tour there is still something unique on my page.

My inbox is no longer filled with Reviews but with Discussion Post instead
I’ve noticed that reviews don’t seem to dominate my inbox anymore, now it seems to be discussion post. Which I enjoy don’t get me wrong. I prefer the kind where the blog author had something on their mind and decided to write about it.

I actually really enjoy watching things change and evolve. What I can tell you about my own blog practices, if you haven’t already noticed, is that I’m pretty relaxed. When I first started blogging I thought...I want my blog to be super awesome….but then I quickly decided that...I want my blog to make me happy… Blogging for me is a hobby. I love books, I love Authors and I love the reading/blogging community.I really want blogging to be an escape and something fun to do. I hope people enjoy my blog too. I actually have a couple of idea for fun things to do that I’m excited about. I just have to get it together.

Okay so I guess this a Update/Discussion Post…….I don’t know. I’m not putting any Book Haul pics because I think I’ve lost track of what’s new. I hope to get back in the swing of updating on Sundays.

I’m also back on the, I want to change my blog design kick.