Hear Me by Viv Daniels #HolidayBookReview

Title: Hear Me
Author: Viv Daniels
Series: Standalone
Published: November 14th 2014 by Word for Word
Genres:  NA, Paranormal, Romance
Source: eArc

Listen… the bells have stopped ringing.

Once upon a time, Ivy belonged to Archer, body, heart, and soul. They spent long summer days exploring the forest, and long summer nights exploring each other. But that was before dark magic grew in the depths of the wilderness, and the people of Ivy’s town raised an enchanted barrier of bells to protect themselves from the threat, even though it meant cutting off the forest people—and the forest boy Ivy loved—forever.

And there’s a naked man lying in the snow.

Three years later, Ivy keeps her head down, working alone in her tea shop on the edge of town and trying to imagine a new future for herself, away from the forest and the wretched bells, and the memory of her single, perfect love. But in the icy heart of winter, a terrifying magic blooms—one that can reunite Ivy and Archer, or consume their very souls.

Warm up this winter with a sexy, paranormal New Adult romance from Viv Daniels. Contains magic spells, true love, and the hottest scene ever set in a greenhouse. Not meant for readers under 18.

I loved that Hear Me is written in a way that is both Dark and Enchanting. The setting of the town with the magical forest at it’s borders gives everything that mystical vibe. Even though we don’t travel far in the book, I could picture Ivy’s shop, greenhouse and the wall of bells perfectly in my mind. It gave my brain that cozy feel.

I loved the story. It was fascinating to me how things unfolded as we uncover the true motivations of people in the town. Even those close to home and what has happened to the Forest Folk since the town put up the wall.

Archer is swoony and Ivy is tough as nails. This story has a beautiful heart of how love can be a guiding light in darkness.

A great Holiday read.