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Happy Spring!!

Well it's good to cross over from Winter to Spring, of course it's supposed to snow today so you know. Chicago is usually not in the clear with that until April-ish..... so it doesn't really phase me.

What is really frustrating is that because of the snow plow I have been without a mailbox for the last week and a half. Of course I was waiting for a book that I need to read for a review this week. I've spent the last week trying to track down where my mail went. It's weird how you can just call the post office directly to find out. I went to two post offices and even stalked the mailman yesterday. Yes I sat outside and scared the crap out of him when I waved him down. They know it's in a bin...somewhere....and it for sure will be delivered when I get a new mailbox but they don't know where I would go to pick it up.........so yeah. Thankfully getting a mailbox today....hopefully.

I've also been knee deep and exhausted from PARCC testing. Which is the most annoying thing in the world. It went really for us but for two weeks straight I was completely exhausted. Luckily I work in an awesome department where everyone stepped up and made it all come together. Unfortunately my Ulcerative Colitis has been in full flare up the last couple weeks too. I have actually slept 12hrs the last two nights and still feel tired. That's quality reading time wasted!! lol.

The last couple of days though my son and I sat outside and read, did science experiments and painted the universe. Plus my daughter is so strange she can always make you laugh. So ti's been a good weekend.

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Book Haul

Even without a mailbox I managed to get two subscription boxes. I enjoyed both but I was super impressed with Uppercase. I will definitely be keeping that one.


Even though it's not necessarily books, it's based off a manga. I picked up some Sailor Moon tea!! I was pretty excited.

I don't know why they are all blushing. It goes nicely with my Harry Potter collection.

I'm also kind of bummed that spotify seems to have changed with the update and you can't embed a playlist anymore. Here's a link to my Book Playlist. Songs that make me think of books.