Our Little Secret by Ashelyn Drake #BookReview #Giveaway

Title: Out Little Secret
Author: Ashelyn Drake
Pub Date: Sept. 15, 2015

Becca Daniels needs a passing math grade…but what she wants is to spend more time with Toby Michaels.

The only problem is Toby is her best friend’s twin, and Tori has a very firm “no dating the brother” policy.

But Becca’s grade has hit rock bottom and she needs a tutor. It just so happens that Toby is a math genius and more than happy to help—lucky her! Working so closely with the handsome, popular Toby, Becca can’t hide her attraction, and it soon becomes obvious he feels the same way.

Becca doesn’t want to lose her best friend, but she isn’t willing to give up Toby either.

At first, sneaking around is fun, stealing kisses right under Tori’s nose. But things take an ugly turn when Toby’s ex-girlfriend Meredith catches them together. Meredith demands Toby take her back and restore her reputation, or she’ll tell Tori their secret. Do they dare tell Tori the truth? Or would that just make things worse?

Surrounded by secrets and knee-deep in deception, something has to give…

How far is Meredith willing to go to keep Toby and Becca apart?

And how much is Becca willing to risk to keep…
Our Little Secret?

Our Little Secret is a story about two friends and of course the brother that has the potential to come between him. The premise of the story is cute, Becca and Tori have been friends since they were in diapers. When Becca starts to have feelings for Toby, Tori’s twin, she knows it’s a big no no in Tori’s world. Sometimes you can’t help who you have feelings for and when Toby returns them things get complicated.

Like in life and in most stories it’s always the lies that get you. Becca and Toby start seeing each other in secret because they want to avoid the confrontation with Tori. They figure why ruin a friendship when they aren’t even sure what they have. Although it might seem logical it’s not really a good idea.

Each character has their own individual issues that contribute to their actions. Some are more noticeable when things come out and others you know right off the bat. There is also the drama of the girl who feels like Toby is the guy that got away or was it a trophy boyfriend.

Ashelyn Drake uses a lot of dialogue to tell the story, what I really like is that you get to see the text messages. I don’t why but I always like reading text messages instead of the narrator giving me the rundown of what they say. It makes me more involved in the story.

Becca is really sweet and I really like her character. Tori is kind of that friend that is really pushy but you love them because you know they also your back. Toby has his own skeletons but he comes off as more a playboy to other people.

Becca and Toby’s relationship is cute and I loved reading the parts with them. They had some really adorable moments and of course some pretty normal teenage fights.

I liked Our Little Secret and thought it was really cute coming of age story.

Ashelyn Drake is a New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romance author. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate. She also writes speculative fiction under the name Kelly Hashway. She is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.