Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza

So I admit I have been in a reading slump, graphic slump (above graphic is made by Beauty and the Bookshelf) and of course a blogging slump. I'm even in a video game and tv watching slump. I help my son play Legend of Zelda Windwaker but that's about it. So I think it's fantastic that Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf created the Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza in order to help with creating some blog post.

There are two prompts for today that you can choose to do you can find them HERE

Bookish Things You'd Give a Kidney For

I would love to go to London and see the Hogwarts Studio tour. Yes there is a Hogwarts in Florida and soon to be in California but there is just something magical about the idea of seeing the London studio. Honestly I would give my kidney to go to Hogwarts. It's real right?

I would love to travel around the World and see the Best and most Magical Libraries. This one is Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

I want a house big enough to hold a giant Library with ladders and of course secret doors.

Of course in that awesome house I would have to have a Secret Garden, just like the book

These are just some of the bookish things I would give a kidney for. What about you?