Things that Distract Me from Reading

I figured I would share some reasons why there are times the blog is quiet. Besides my kids and juggling my work schedule with their crazy schedules (baseball baseball baseball) and of course my husband's as well. (He works too hard) These are some of the other things I'm passionate about.


Yep this is a big one because I mostly play RPG games that are big time consumers. Of course gaming isn't the way it used to be. You used to beat a game and be done with it. Now there are times I play games multiple times. Dragon Age Inquisition is a great example of a game that can be replayed over and over. These are my current game obsessions;

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So I was a lucky one who pre-orded the Switch and BOTW. I've beaten the game a couple of times but there is still so many things for me to do in it. Collect all the armor, shrines, side quest, Korok seeds, Master Sword Trials. When I just need some mental down time I turn this baby on and ride around on Epona and find small task to do. Of course I'm itching for the second DLC pack already.

I also have a PS4 and that's kind of the system I play when I want to hide. What I'm playing right now is actually an old game come back to life. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan and have played almost all the games. I missed a few when they did the whole online thing. I couldn't afford the modem for my PS2 at the time (geez I'm old).


One of my favorite distractions is Korean Dramas. There was/is (I'm not sure anymore) was a Chicago station that ran Kdramas during the week. (I didn't have cable) Then awesome Bollywood music videos on the weekend. Nowadays they are so accessible it's awesome! Here are some my recent favorites but there is so many more....many more

A fair warning I love a happy ending love story but I can't help to be drawn to Bittersweet Love Stories as well. I'm not promising some of these won't rip at your heart.

My current watch right is;


I'm not sure if I can even pinpoint what I'm currently watching/reading etc. I jump around. Bride of the Water God manwha is actually the reason I started watching the drama. They a very different but that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are lots times I will go back and reread or rewatch just one installment of a series. Here are some of my favorite series though.

If you share my passions I'm always happy to chat about them. Just message me on twitter. I admit I am sometimes a little enthusiastic.

What Distracts You From Reading?