20 Recipes Kids Should Know by Esme Washburn, Calista Washburn (photographs)

Title: 20 Recipes Kids Should Know
Author: Esme Washburn, Calista Washburn (Photographs)
Published: April 2, 2019

The perfect book for children, this fun and engaging cookbook is written and photographed by a pair of young sisters for budding chefs.

Whether they're helping stir cake batter or producing their own YouTube cooking channel, kids of all ages are getting
increasingly busy in the kitchen. This cookbook features twenty classic recipes that are fun, healthy, adaptable, and easy to prepare. From banana bread and the perfect grilled cheese to breaded chicken and apple pie, each recipe is written in a clear, accessible style that young cooks of every level will be able to follow. The author is a young chef whose love of cooking developed from her own family's food traditions like baking popovers with her grandmother and Sunday-night pizza making. By teaching kids basic recipes that can be adapted in endless ways, this book is the perfect launching pad to finding their way around the kitchen--or launching their own cooking careers.

So my son who loves to read, also loves to cook. So when I saw the opportunity to try out this cookbook. We were for sure on board. We tried a couple different recipes and plan on trying more. I will continue to post when we make anything out of the book because it's fun!! I loved how easy the book is to read and the recipes are for him to follow. Plus it just taste good!

So here is a little taste (ha sorry I love puns!) of when we made the pizza. Which even though ours came out looking a little weird, it tasted AMAZING.

Have to prep your ingredients

This was the first time either of us was going to use a dough hook. As strange as that sounds, it was pretty exciting in our house.

Following the directions

This is after we let the dough rise. Then we needed to form our pizza portions.

So our first attempt. We learned some valuable lessons of what not to do. Like next time, prep the pizza when it's on the pizza stone already. I don't have a giant pizza spatula to transfer it.

This one came out more like pizza bread. Again these attempts still tasted amazing!

Just like the picture right???

So if you are looking for a cookbook for your kids and want to get them into cooking, this is a great book to do so. My daughter has zero interest but she gave this recipe two thumbs up and they are excited about when we can make it again.