About Me

I've decided to create an about me page. Just in case you have some desire to know about me, but I give the disclaimer that there could possibly be a lot of rambling on this page. This is probably the longest about me page ever!!

Where I live....
I'm a Chicagoan of sorts. I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life and although I love to travel, I find it unlikely for me to move anywhere else.

Who I am..
I'm a mom. Something that when I was younger I never thought I would be, but I do love it. My 2 year old son never fails to make me laugh, even when he is doing something bad. My almost 1 year old daughter is my little miracle (born two months premature) and is a little chatter box. I'm not always sure where she comes up with the strange noises she makes.

What I know about books...
So I come from a very interesting family. My dad and brothers actually fix printing presses and my dad is one of, if not the best in the business. So I've seen those lovely loud big presses that print out our lovely books. (and sometimes crush arms and legs) I played on carpets plagued by ink stains dragged in by boys who can't take off their shoes. I've been to many print shows and things of that nature. So this is why I understand when a publisher/author can not send out a million ARC copies and this is also why it's taken me so long to buy an ereader.

Where I work...
I have a Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting and I used to work in Television. What! Yes it's true and I laugh when people think it's glamorous. I worked in News and as much I loved my job, news can be repetitive and sad. I was definitely a jack of all trades master of none. At least that is what I say. I was a Graphic Artist, Master Control/ENG operator, Camera, Audio operator, Floor director and for some reason I was always fixing the printer (?). My specialty was actually editing but my professor in college was determined that I needed to go out in the World and be an editor that I kind of got sick of it. I actually used to work for Tribune and now I'm pondering to myself why I never volunteered to work the Book Fair. I left for better hours and not having to work every single holiday but I admit I miss that world. These days I work for an IT department but not in the traditional sense. The best part of my job now is that I work with a bunch of nerds (like me) and my office is in a library.

Love of Books....
I've always been an avid reader. I remember reading The Last Silk Dress by Ann Rinaldi in fourth grade. I absolutely loved any kind of historical fiction and historical biographies. I think I have a book for each powerful woman in history. I actually think I also read every Fairy Tale book I could find in the Library too. One of favorite stories being Cap O' Rushes and The Fool and The Flying Ship. Honestly I don't remember YA being big when I was in high school, not like it is now anyway. I also bounce around to different genres sometimes you need to pick up a good mystery or a romance novel to lose yourself in. I like Chick Lit but I don't read it as much. My theory is I don't want to read about problems I have, I want to escape into something crazy. Maybe that's why I love Alice in Wonderland so much.

The Watcher.....
I have a people watching problem. Yes I call it a problem because I'm sure I look creepy. When I worked in retail I used to write down my observations and then make up stories about the people (honestly it's fun and passes the time quickly). My husband tells me that I look like I'm always angry scowling and thus probably scare people. Just so you know if you see a girl who looks like she is scowling and mean, it's probably me and no I'm not mean....unfortunately that's just my face.
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  1. Absolutely love your header, with the Alice in Wonderland theme!!

  2. I was going to post the same thing ^
    Love the Alice and Wonderland Theme. Especially the Drink Me bottle!

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