You can't Nook me

So I have a firm policy with myself, that I don't do ebooks. Now to be honest I have read books/stories online. I used to read manga translations back in the day before scanlations and them actually be published in America. So I hobbled over to Barnes and Noble and decided to take a peak at the Nook tablet. It was easy to hold and I didn't have to keep one hand on the side of it to keep it from closing in on itself like a paperback would. The screen was bright, I wouldn't need a book light. I really did enjoy the kids book aspect of the thing, being my son (2yrs) is more electronically savvy then I am. It just wasn't the same as a real book. My husband thinks I am nuts and I think is tired of the stacks of books in our house, so I came up with a theory for him. What if the government is tricking us all into getting ereaders so we do away with paper copies of books. So once we have all converted it would be easy for them to control the content that we read. Then banned books could truly be banned. Now it might sound absolutely insane but I figured it was a better argument then saying....I just like them. Which is true, I love the feel, the smell and the way a real book looks. I haven't been convinced to convert yet.