Dylan Maximilian: Synchronicity by Chris Cusumano

Title: Dylan Maximilian: Synchronicity
Author: Chris Cusumano
Pub Date: 12-17-2011
Pages: 400

"All is one, one is all... When thirteen year old, Dylan Maximilian, encounters an enigmatic tree he inherits the legacy of the stars. Soon, Dylan discovers and ancient galactic war, the mystic force that connects all that exists and the black-hole overlord determined to destroy it. Now, Dylan must synchronize his energies with the chakra at Mount Shasta and assume the mantle of the Guardian."

I really liked the concept of this book. Maybe it's the Trekkie, Star Wars lover in me but I found this book to be truly Sci-Fi. Space pirates, intergalactic war and Guardians of planets are just a few of the elements Chris Cusumano worked in to Dylan Maximilian: Synchronicity. There was also some with the the Tree of Life as well. Which was placed well amongst all the other things going on.

The first half the book was a little slower for me, I think there were just too many perspectives. I kind of was getting slightly confused about who was who as far as bad guys. As weird as it sounds though I felt like I could feel the authors excitement to get the story out of their head in the first half. The second half really picked up and it just felt like the book clicked then. I was in a reading groove and really liked the events and some of the new characters introduced at this point. Even the bad guys made sense to me, I realized oohhh that's who that guy is. There were also a couple good plot twist that I didn't even see coming. I liked the ending as well, plenty of action that kept me sucked in.

I didn't really connect with Dylan even though he was the main character. He was important, obviously, and that's not to say I didn't like him at all. He just cried a little too much for me in the beginning but maybe that is what thirteen year old boys do. We do seem him mature a bit towards the end. I felt like he almost seemed wiser and calmer. Norm on the other hand was great. I found him endearing and strong, with some comic relief mixed in. He stole the show for me, which is maybe why I couldn't love Dylan as much. I also became fond of Beetlebee, how could you not like a little strange creature with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.
I like the villain set-up too, if you are a history buff like me you can see the similarities with real war. The main villain see a need of a group of people who are not necessarily going to start war on their own but are willing to become mercenaries if they can get something they need for their people. Which is the case with one of the groups. It doesn't make them a good guy who took a wrong turn but there is a reason behind their actions. They aren't just wrecking havoc for the heck of it because the author needed to beef up the villain side. Which can happen sometimes in books.

I enjoyed the bond between the friends and family in this book. That people are going to stand together whether time, space or life sucking monsters separates them.