News from Blogland

I love my children but sometimes they wear me out. This is one of those weeks, so I haven't gotten a lot of reading done. So since I don't have a review for you today I thought I might catch you up on some news you might have missed.

Trisha Wolfe (author Destiny's Fire): If you loved Destiny's Fire and thought you might read Trisha's short story Unveiled you might have noticed that it's missing!! Well it's not really missing, Trisha is doing some updates and adding new content to it so it matches up with her novel Fireblood (tentative name). Read about it HERE

Omnific Publishing:  Who doesn't like something free? Omnific is giving you a free ebook if you purchase the new release of Sarah Glover's Grave Refrain on Amazon. You have to make your purchase on Feb. 14th. Get details HERE

Leigh Fallon (author Carrier of the Mark):  Carrier of the Mark was actually nominated for the Teens Choice Book Awards. So if you are a fan...I know you are. Find out more about voting HERE. Make sure to hurry, you only have until Feb. 15th

Cassandra Clare (author ID and MI series): Cassandra is very good about answering questions on her blog from readers. So if you are wondering exactly what advice Jem would give Will about the Tessa situation. You can find out HERE

Young Adult Library Services Association (that mouthful is also known as the YALSA): Check out the readers choice booklist. Lots of great books are on it. HERE

Erin Morgenstern (author The Night Circus): Flax-Golden Tales: the sheep know all your secrets Just read it. You will get a good chuckle. I can not get enough of her writing. Also on the subject of Erin I found this quite interesting as well, not only do I like the picture but the idea of it.

That is all for now. If I noticed anything else I find interesting from this week, I will update the post. If you have found anything interesting from the week feel free to share in the comments. My update does not include book review bloggers simply because it would be overloaded. Hmm maybe I should make a meme out of this........