Book Haul: Sunday Post

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So I spent the majority of my week on vacation. Hooray! We spent a lot of time in the car but I just can't read while traveling the way I did when I was a kid. Even just looking at my phone makes me car sick. So I didn't really get a ton of reading done and I didn't buy any books. I did stop at some local bookstores and of course found myself drawn to the New York Public Library, which I instantly feel in love with.

 I came home to a happy surprise of books waiting for me so I do have some to

I'm participating in the Nerve Blog Tour and so I'm part of the group reading the traveling Arc, so I've actually already read it and will be mailing it out to the next person on Monday.

A very cool signed and personaled Remembrance by Michelle Madow bookmark. Although I don't think bookmark is the right word for it since it's bigger but it will go in my book.

I won an ARC copy of Once by Anna Carey from Victoria Scott, because I stalk her blog.... I'm pretty excited to see what happens in this book. I feel like it's been many moons since I've read Eve. She also sent a Dante Walker bookmark....Mmm Dante Walker. Which if you haven't checked out his new site it's a must!