Book Haul: Sunday Post

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So I got some really cool stuff this week, thanks to some super cool people. If you are a hard core Harry Potter fan you probably have heard of the new set that has come out which includes some really cool bonus items. Well my friend El'Ahrai over at The Harvey and Bob Show gave me some of the cool things. Bonus Discs, Label Collection book and sketches. Which are my favorite part because I'm definitely going to frame them and hang them in my dining room.

So if you ever wonder about movies you should stop over to his blog because I have never met anyone who watches so many of them. He is always the person that I ask when I wonder if a movie is good or not.
A couple weeks ago I had won a contest over at Compelled by Words and didn't get a chance to post up my prize. Signed bookmarks. Actually I'm not sure if you call the larger ones bookmarks, I don't think I've ever known what they are called.
As far as books, I had ordered some and had some pre-orders. One of my pre-orders apparently got lost in the mail and I had to yell at Barnes and Noble. Their customer service is actually really good when you contact them. So books that have actually arrived!
A Want so Wicked by Suzanne Young, this is a great heart wrenching series. Which is what makes it great.
Origin by Jessica Khoury, this was a pre-order. Yay!
Witch Born by Amber Argyle, I bought this for my Nook because I really liked the first book
As far as things I've done this week, I did a review of Once by Anna Carey and the Labor Day Read-A-Thon at Letters Inside Out. Agenda for next week CATCH UP on reviews and emails!! :o) I feel like I'm always saying that.
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