#LDRAT Saturday Update and Book Poem (guest book poems from my husband)

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So I didn't actually expect to read a whole lot yesterday because it was Football Fantasy Draft day. I did get some done. It's hard though because my son often steals my Nook to play his game so I'm bouncing between two books and both have equally already sucked me in.
Titles: Oracle: Fire Island (71 pages), Power Within (40 pages)
Page Count: 111
Notes: I actually tried to read my Nook in the car on the way to the draft and got a little car sick. I remember  reading tons of books on long car rides when I was a kid. Bummer how we change.
#LDAT Challenge....So the LDAT Challenge for today is to create a book poem. I've become a SUPER fan of these since I did the Origin Olympics (comes out Sept. 4 by the way). So I was excited to get book poeming....even my husband had fun with it.
My Book Poem;
My Husbands Book Poems;

The top book in the bottom picture says Weirdos From Another Planet  it's hard to read because of the white font.