Book Haul: Sunday Post

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So I was back to work this week, which kind of stinks. It also stinks I didn't get as much reading done while I was off as I thought. I did however have a great week of books. I'm pretty excited about some of the books I have gotten and even though I didn't get any for Christmas (my family told me I have that department handled on my own) I got some books that I have been anxiously waiting for. January is a good month. 
Review Copy:

I was so excited about all of these. I've already read Interred as I'm participating in a blog tour at the end of the month and really enjoyed it. I pretty much hugged Apollyon when it came in the mail. Conveniently for my birthday and I enjoyed Glitch so I'm excited to read Override.


 I admit it, I already have read Through the Ever Night. I couldn't wait, it would have killed me. I read it in a day though so I count it as not taking away from my other book reading time. :). I used some birthday cash to buy The Essence, how can you not love the cover.

Books from the Library:

So one of my offices is actually located inside a library although I don't check out books that often. Mostly because I like to own them and also because I'm so behind right now, I don't need to add to my tbr. 
It's funny that I haven't read Beautiful Creatures yet and boy is that a big book. I actually recently joined an online book club (Geeks Who Read) and it just so happens to be the read for January. To make sure we are all up to date before the movie comes out next month.

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