Welcome to 2013

So I'm already starting my New Year out right by putting my New Year post on the 3rd rather than the 1st. Hey but Chinese New Year is not until Feb. 10th so I'm ahead in some ways. I've got some resolutions for myself this year as far as reading and the blog is concerned.

1. I want to read 100 books! Last year I read 65 maybe more I realized that I haven't added everything to goodreads. (my husband thinks I'm crazy since our two kids take up the majority of my time. I actually even spending my lunch break picking my son up and dropping him off at preschool) So it might be a crazy goal but when I'm on a roll for reading there is no stopping me. Especially if I set some deadlines.

2. Read at least twenty 2013 Debut Authors. I love this challenge because I love first books. I love the excitement that goes along with an author getting one of their books published for the first time. I just want to hug them all and say, you are so awesome!

3. Update my review policy. Okay this a silly one because I'm not sure why I haven't done it already but I mean to and then forget. I still prefer published editions of books because I DO read them faster. My son steals my Nook way to often. I do however need to put what digital formats I accept. Which is pretty much anything at this point.

4. More reviews! This should be number 1 (these resolution really are not in any particular order). I need to find a corner of the world for myself where I can sit and write. Just while I have been writing this blog post my daughter decided to dump chocolate milk on her table. So I need to set aside an hour or so on the weekend, lock myself in my room and have my husband watch the kids. In all honesty he has told me to do this.

5. I want to do some kind of read-a-long or something where I post about the book I'm reading every day or every few chapters. Every chapter might be a little too much.

6. Redesign the blog...I always want to redesign the blog. It's just a thing with me. This is why I don't have tatoos.

7. Visit and comment on more blogs. I actually read lots of different blogs but if I have do something like captcha I sometimes don't follow through on commenting. I need to be better about it.

I think that's all for now.