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Release Date: July 2nd 2013
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Summary via Goodreads:

The battle is all but over, and hope seems to be lost. Zoe and her fellow Resistance fighters are on the run, having lost their home, their protection, and their leader. They are outnumbered and outmatched by the powerful corporation that controls the world, and the cruel Chancellor is inches away from completing a scheme that would kill most of humanity. Zoe's only remaining option is to chase the impossible dream of upending the Link system, freeing the world from the hardware that controls their thoughts and emotions, and hope it will trigger a revolution.

The plot requires a nearly impossible mission to infiltrate the dangerous Community, and it is a task that Zoe must unfortunately complete alone. With challenges and surprises at every turn, nothing goes according to plan. Adrien's visions of the future now show two possible outcomes: one in which they succeed, and one in which humanity falls. It all lies in Zoe's hands.

Full of romance, high-adrenaline action and shocking twists, Shutdown is a heart-pounding conclusion to an exciting sci-fi adventure trilogy for young adults.

The thrilling conclusion to an action-packed sci-fi trilogy.

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I was really excited to read Shutdown the final installment in the Glitch series by Heather Anastasiu. Override left us with such an unbelievable cliff hanger! I’m glad to say that I was really happy with this book.

Zoe has really changed as the story has progressed through the series but I think this book really shows that. She starts off book three being not just angry but at times consumed by rage. We have seen a girl that has had to learn to deal with emotions in the last year instead of the last 16 like she was supposed to. Plus she has had to deal with so much tragedy and conflict that would make anyone have that feeling of I give up. I think she has those moments where she thinks life would be easier to just sleep forever. She has lost the person she loves; well they will never be the same at least. She feels like she is constantly failing the people who look to her to lead them. This girl is definitely depleted. She is one of those people who you would say is already dead but she just refuses to lie down. There is a drive in Zoe that seems to override all her other instincts, even though she’s been pushed and shoved she just can’t accept giving up. Adrien says that Zoe doesn’t know how to survive but she does. She also knows that she cannot really live if she doesn’t save the people she cares about too.

For some reason I was not the biggest fan of Adrien in the previous books. I think book two I liked him better but he always seemed overly driven by his visions. Obviously Adrien had something horrible happen to him in book two that completely changed him. Although the basic components of Adrien are still there, he has become a different Adrien. I kept expecting him to change his name to something new. This new Adrien made me laugh at times; he acted a little on the Vulcan side. I was like; alright he’s definitely channeling some Spock here. He has become more fueled by logic than he is by emotions being that he has had them ripped away. I was wondering if it is mean of me to think that he is better this way.

Talk about a role switch with Zoe and Adrien. I was thinking back to the first book and how Adrien kind of had to teach Zoe how to feel, how to understand that there is more to the world then just what you see. Now it’s almost like Zoe has to do the same with him and she spends a lot of time yearning for the Adrien that was. I like when she finally accepts who he is.

We still have a lot of the same side characters, although their roles vary and they are not as prominent as they were in book 2. Max is still there and trying to gain Zoe’s forgiveness. His actions are so crazy and it makes sense for him. I feel sorry for him almost but at the same time I don’t.

So there is lead up to a battle and I was happy with how it played out. Sometimes you get these build ups and then you think in your that it? That was not the case with this book. The action is definitely solid. I don’t want to give too much away about it but I really liked how it ended. How the series ended, it explains things and what is going to happen next. It was a good way of tying it up at the end.

I actually kind of felt like this might be my favorite book of the series. It’s hard to beat a first book, but I think because of the way Zoe and Adrien characters evolved. It sold it for me.

My Playlist:

Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson /  Reminds me of Zoe. Especially in the opening scene of book 3

Figure Us Out ~ Chelsea Lee / One of the songs that reminds me of Zoe and Adrien. There love story is very angsty in this book so there was a lot of songs that kind of reminded me of them.

Second Chance ~ Tristan Prettyman / This is my Max and Zoe song. You have to remember that in the first book Max sort of had a thing.

I Will Follow You into the Dark ~ Death Cab for Cutie / Another Zoe and Adrien song

End of all Days ~ Thirty Seconds to Mars / It's kind of that moment when Zoe is trying to decide what to do

Angel with a Shotgun ~ The Cab ~ Okay so this my choice for Shutdown theme song. It's just certain lyrics in the song that really make me think of the book "I want to live, not just survive"

About the Author

Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family. When she's not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a café or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo.

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