Book Haul: Sunday Post

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Wow so Summer has officially started in my world. My son no longer has school, and he is already stir crazy.He actually had some medical problems earlier in the week, he's okay it's just poor guy has bad luck. I start working 4 10hr days instead of 5 8hr ones. The joys of working IT for a school district. So I'm hoping it doesn't put a dent in my reading but I'm sure I'll still stay up late and read even though I have to be at work at 6a lol. There is also the thing where the Blackhawks start playing for the Stanley Cup Wednesday night! Go Hawks!!

Cover Reveal: Of Darkness and Crowns by Trisha Wolfe (I love Trisha and her books so excited for this one)

Book Blast: Soul Taken by Katlyn Duncan (Love this cover)

Book Blast: Pods by Michelle Pickett (great excerpt)

Random Reads (This meme is really cool so I couldn't resist participating. It's just once a month)

So I won an awesome ebook YA Book Pack from Omnific Publishing during the #Omnilicious twitter chat. These are all books I've been wanting to read so I'm excited about it. Embrace is the only one I've read already but it was good.

Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates
Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista (I want a poster of this cover I love it so much)
Ember by Carol Oates
Embrace by Cherie Coyler

Then I went ahead and robbed the Library...

I might have some other places but I'm pretty sure this is all I've snagged recently. I don't have to bring them back until the end of August.

I also bought books even though I'm on a book buying ban. Once you break the rule for one the others come flooding out of my orders. Besides it is the month of coupons for some reason. I'm also going to a book signing on Friday for Kat Zhang (What’s Left of Me), Susan Dennard (Something Strange and Deadly), Erin Bowman (Taken), and Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass). At my awesome local bookshop so I picked up some of the books. although I'm bummed that Susan Dennard's second book comes out in July and Sarah J. Maas not til August. I'm just really excited they are coming at all. So I picked up those. I'm sorry but I strongly dislike the hardcover version of Throne of Glass so I had to have the paperback.

I also picked up Siege and Storm (already read it), Of Triton and Transparent.........I still have some books coming in the mail. Shhhhh don't tell. Actually a couple of them are books I won.

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