Ode to the Book Nerd (a poem by my husband)

My husband wrote me this poem a while ago and I thought it was cute and sweet so I thought I would share it.  A little Friday fun.

Book Nerd

Novels piled high from the ceiling to the floor
Nooks, Blackberries, Kindles, and more
When they met her, my friends concurred
I was dating a giant Book Nerd

She doesn’t like movies, or shows on tv
Her lack of pop culture knowledge rivaled nobody
It didn’t matter, I was not deterred
I was really attracted to a huge Book Nerd

Her friends would call, she’d let it ring
Going outside was not her thing
She didn’t want company, you haven’t misheard
So what, she’s a catch, this well-read Book Nerd

She went to book signings, and got autographs
She’d tell authors stories, and share a few laughs
When it came to her status, the lines were not blurred
I had gotten engaged to an undeniable Book Nerd

She connected with writers on Twitter and Facebook
They texted and emailed, and that’s all it took
To make sure her obsession would never be cured
It’s true, I had married an enormous Book Nerd

The kids ran around, and spilled on the floor
Yelled at each other, and drew on the door
But she barely noticed, her book she preferred
I was living my life with a humongous Book Nerd

Her literary delights will not be denied
She will not change, though how I’ve tried
But that is just fine, just in case you haven’t heard
I am in love with my beautiful Book Nerd