Sunday Post: Book Haul

How does life get so busy. I'm not sure but it always seems to. Last week my 4yr old had camp and swim lessons started. I'm always nervous about that stuff, I'm not sure why. Someone at work mentioned that I'm usually always laid back but with things that the kids are in I get anxious. Turns out we had all these weird problems with his paperwork and camp. Turns out my anxiety was warranted there. However swim lessons are awesome and he loves it. He kicked me out of the pool and told me I couldn't stay in there. lol.

Last weekend I didn't have a post just because I was busy. We actually bought a couple more book cases and unfortunately all my books still don't fit. I do need to sort through and get rid of ones I don't want or need. So hopefully a giveaway will be coming up for that. Also I've been to a few book signings the past couple of months that I need to update on. I also want to do an Alice in wonderland theme giveaway for signed copy of Splintered. Got get it all together. I plan on boxing stuff before I even do the giveaway so that it will be ready to send out (I'm terrible with that).

I also have messed around with graphics a little. I kind of go into computer hibernation on the weekend because work is really busy in the summer. So I actually get sick of looking at computer ::gasp:: but I still love the new electronic smell. (I totally sniffed a laptop the other day, my co-workers think I'm strange) So this is the work in progress. I'm teaching myself Illustrator because I've normally shied away from it but I want to make vector people at some point. Although some of the key strokes are different and I was getting frustrated.
I'm not happy with the coloring. The red and brown are too blah. So I still have plenty of work to do. Onto blog stuff.

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