Random Thoughts: Is that Realistic?

So I was sitting on my couch watching this crazy show called Killer Kids, have you heard of it? It makes me give the side eye to my own kids and think, boy I better be nice to them. Anyway the point is that I was watching a episode where there are two guys who date the same girl. The guy who dated the girl first ends up killing the guy who dated her after. Now the weird part to me is that neither guy was dating her at the time of the killing. Both guys were actually dating new girls. Weird right. So sitting there thinking I realized that if I had read that in the book I would have thought it seemed silly. That it wouldn't be realistic because where is the motive because both boys had already moved on. Could jealousy really backtrack like that. Apparently it can.

So it made me think about how I view books. I've seen some crazy things in my own lifetime. I once had an ex call me up and ask me if I would go out with him again. When I said no (at this point we were still friends) he said then could I call and ask this other girl out for him because he didn't know what to say. What!?? Once again if I had read something like that in a book. I would have been like come on...that would never happen.

Do you feel like you ever judge a books realism harshly? Have you ever read a book and thought it was unrealistic and then later seen something similar happen?