Random Thoughts: Cooking Up Sales (it's Friday)

So I was browsing Book Outlet today and I came across this book that looked enticing to me

I have a secret confession. I love to read cookbooks, half or most of the time I don't even make the recipes. I just really like to read the list of ingredients and what goes into making the food. Plus I enjoy drooling over the yummy looking pictures. 

This got me thinking though....how do you make your cookbook stand out from the rest. There are a lot of cookbooks in this world and so many different types of dishes you can make. Which made me start to really peruse the cookbook section of Book Outlet to see what catches my eye.

Okay so this one made me laugh but it did catch my eye. It could be because I'm tired and stressed and this looks very inviting nap wise.

Taking the cute approach

I think the target audience for this book is definitely someone who likes Ribs. You want to stand out, make the words as big as you possibly can

If you want to get their attention make sure the name of the cookbook name is catchy

Are you a reader of cookbooks? Do you actually cook the food in them? What would make you pick up one book over the other?