Something Strange and Deadly Readalong Discussion Questions Chapter 15-End #SSaD

3. What do you think about Daniel's answer to Eleanor's question? Do you think he was being honest?

Oh I remember this the first time I read it. I was so frustrated and of course I didn't think he was honest. I was like seriously Daniel, seriously. Of course then I read the novella to get a better understanding.

Which I definitely recommend reading
7. Who is your favorite character in the first book and why?

Eleanor Fitt has was my favorite character in the first book and remained so the whole series. Again it's so hard for me to speak about her since I've read all the books. Of course there is the series after The Sheridan Institute as well. Eleanor is such a strong female lead and I can tell you, that you won't be disappointed as you continue to read the series.

8. How would you convince your friends to read this book?

I would shove it in their hands and say. I loooove this series you need to start reading now my friend. They would say, Jen you are always right, I'm going to read this series. :)

Sailor Moon has joined Link and Zelda to encourage you to keep reading. Mwah ha ha ha. Yes I feel like I have all these figures around they need to be incorporated into pictures.