Something Strange and Deadly Readalong Discussion Post Chapters 1-14 #SSaD

I actually read the Something Strange and Deadly series as it came out. I think it was one of the few series that I’ve managed to be that dedicated to. You know sometimes you read the first two books and then the third comes out and even though you want to read it, it falls to the wayside of your TBR. (This is Clockwork Princess for me). Anyway so doing these discussion questions is slightly difficult for me because I already know the characters so well and what is going to happen.
1. How do you think you would react to the Dead walking around in your city?
2. What do you think about the Dead? Are you glad it isn't too Zombie-ish, or were you hoping for a more Zombie-esque theme?
I feel that it is easy to tie these two questions together. I actually read Something Strange and Deadly because Sooz was doing a signing with Sarah J Maas (which I love any signing that the two of them are together btw because they are hysterical) So I picked up her book because that’s just what I do. I had never read a Zombie book before, they scare the complete piss out of me to be honest. I look at Zombie’s from every angle and people kind of stare at me. So if they were walking around my city I would probably run, scream, cry and be immediately eaten. I was really happy with the way the dead is presented in this series. I love that Necromancy is a part of it because it makes more sense to me. Yes you heard me, magic is something I can understand. The books have the right amount of Zombie for me.

3. How do you feel about Eleanor as a character?
I love Eleanor from beginning to end to this series and how much she changes. She is such a great female lead. She is strong, feisty and pure awesomeness.
4. What was your first impression of Daniel Sheridan? Joseph Boyer?
Daniel run away with me. I enjoy Joseph (okay seriously I’m not so great at this discussion part)

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