If We Were Having Coffee.....

I originally saw that Jamie on Perpetual Page-Turner  did a If We Were Having Coffee Post. I love her blog, if you haven't stopped over there. Anyway she was originally inspired to do it by Ashley who runs Your Super Awesome Life. It's basically a great way to take break from normal blog post and catch up on the person behind the blog. You know take a coffee break. So I figured since the blog has been slow I figured I would do one of these bad boys.

If we were having coffee....I would tell you that I've been in a reading slump. I haven started so many book (just look at my goodreads currently reading) and I can't manage to breeze through any. I've just started Truthwitch so I'm hoping that pulls me out of it.

If we were having coffee....I would tell you I'm exhausted. I'm lucky that I get a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving but I hosted the Holiday at my house and that's a lot of work. The cleaning alone on top of the cooking. I made everything from scratch. My husband was working so I had to juggle my kids with no school on top of all that.

If we were having coffee....my husband was out of town. My husband works shitty hours to start with but since the exhausting Holiday weekend where my kids were off school for 5 days. It took it's toll on me. He's back. Yay

If we were having coffee....I would tell you that I'm going on my first trip without my kids or husband since I was pregnant with my 6 year old. Oddly I went to the same place back then too. San Francisco!! I'm excited because I'm going to be hanging out with my best friend who I don't see that often. We originally became friends because we were Sailor Moon penpals. So there is going to be a theme of Tea drinking, Bookstore visiting and Sailor Moon/Kdrama watching while I'm visiting I'm so excited!!

If we were having coffee.... I'd tell you that I've been having so much fun in the Truthwitch street team but I totally miss hanging out with my Flirt Squad crew. Especailly Rachel Harris. Where have I been! Read her books she is awesome.

If we were having coffee... I would tell you with my reading slump comes a review writing slump. I have a couple I need to write and get posted. Gah!

If we were having coffee.... I would tell you I hope to have some fun San Fran visitng post next week. Thanks for hanging in there with me! I do have post scheduled for this weekend. :)