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Suffer Love
by Ashley Herring Blake
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Release Date: May 3rd 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction

Hadley St. Clair's life changed the day she came home to a front door covered in slips of paper, each of them revealing the ugly truth about her father. Now as her family falls apart in the wake of his year-long affair, Hadley wants everyone-her dad most of all-to leave her alone.

Then she meets Sam Bennett, a cute new boy who inexplicably "feels like home" to Hadley. Hadley and Sam's connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret about his family that could ruin everything.

Funny and passionate, Suffer Love is a story about first love, family dysfunction, and the fickle hand of fate.

Suffer Love is an emotional tense roller coaster. It has this great way of showing how the choices of two people can have a domino effect. Once I started reading it, I admit the books story and characters consumed me.

Suffer Love is great with the way it deals with an affair. It takes a lot of different perspectives on the issue which I loved. It’s a very difficult topic and not as black and white as people sometimes think. There are so many facets to an affair and I like that we have one couple that split because of it and one couple that stayed together to work it out. No one can understand that feeling of having a spouse cheat unless you been through it. It changes everything in a marriage because you don’t stop loving someone you love them differently though. There is an innocence that is gone. It’s also a process that doesn’t take 6 months to get over it can take years to get over and when you make that choice to stay, it’s hard work. You want to hurt the person the way they hurt you but that’s impossible so you do little things like put pepper on their salad when they are allergic or leave the vacuum on to be annoying. Suffer Love gives of some of the parents perspective even though it’s from the point of the view of the kids.

I also really like the different way Hadley and Sam view things. Sam starts to see how a good person can do a really dumb thing. It doesn’t excuse them from their actions but you can earn that second chance with hard work. Hadley sees things very black and white. You did this horrible thing, you are horrible, end of story.

As the plot develops we find out the small pieces of the puzzle that make the big picture. There are so many different things about each family that comes to light.

There is so much emotion with these characters because they all have things to work through. From the parents, to the kids, to the kids friends. You really see so much development from them.

I liked Suffer Love because it’s such a great depiction of how an entire family deals with a crisis like this.

Ashley Herring Blake is a poet, teacher, and YA novelist. Her debut novel, SUFFER LOVE, follows two teens as they attempt to wade through an intense relationship complicated by their parents' infidelities. Ashley lives in Nashville, TN.

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