Unintentional Hiatus

Wow it feels like it's been so long since I've even logged into my blogger account. I kind of fell off the internet.

Life has been crazy the last month. Work has been brutal. I actually lost close to 10 pounds this summer from all the hauling and moving equipment, plus the walking. I work in IT so the idea of coming home after work and sitting on a computer just did not appeal. Plus my kids were off for the summer so trying to do something with all the energy they had, exhausted me.

Also my dad has been battling cancer on and off for the last 5 years. He finally finished his 3rd time doing chemo and his cancer is in remission. A week and a half ago he couldn't breath and my mom took him to the ER. Turns out he was close to having a heart attack because his heart was pumping so hard from the lack of oxygen. He has COPD (that's a broad spectrum I know) and he now has a nebulizer 4 times a day, still on steroids and a inhaler. Now this is not the worst thing right. I mean he has cancer, has lost a kidney, etc... For some reason this got to me. I broke down at work crying (embarrassing) and was a wreck for the week. It was one of those things where between the work stress and life stress I just finally melted down.

So reviews and reading has been by the wayside. Which makes me sad because it's one of the things that I enjoy. So I have reviews to write and books to read and I'm getting back into the swing things. So basically my unintentional hiatus is over.