Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman

Title: Blacksouls (Blackhearts #2)
Author: Nicole Castroman
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: April 11th 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Pirates, Adventure

Nicole Castroman brings the dangerous pirate ports of the Caribbean to life in this vibrant se-quel to Blackhearts—the reimagined origin story of history’s most infamous pirate, Black-beard.

Edward “Teach” Drummond is setting sail to the Caribbean as first mate on the most cele-brated merchant ship in the British fleet—until he rebels against his captain. Mutiny is a capi-tal offense and Teach knows it could cost him his life, but he believes it worth the risk in or-der to save his crew from the attacking Spanish ships.

Sailing on the same blue waters, Anne barely avoids the Spanish attack, making it safely to Nassau. But lawless criminals, corrupt politics, and dangerous intentions fill the crowded streets of this Caribbean port. Soon, Anne discovers that the man entrusted to keep the peace is quite possibly the most treacherous of them all—and he just happens to hold Teach’s fate in his terrifying hands.

Life and death hang in the balance when Teach and Anne are given a dangerous mission. It’s a mission that will test their love, loyalty and devotion, forcing them down a path neither one could have ever imagined.

Blacksouls is still not the swashbuckling event you expect from a pirate story. This is still an origin story. There is a lot more politics instead of high seas adventure but it doesn’t make it any less interesting.

So many things. Blacksouls took my heart in a vice and squeezed. So many things happen in this part of the story that are emotionally trying. There are also very sweet moments too. I loved the addition of some new characters. Like Alistair, Beth, Benjamin, Cara and Coyle. Of course let’s talk about how kick but Reva is as well. Anne is searching for her biological family but she finds that family is not always about blood.

I loved loved Teach and Anne’s relationship. They are such a solid couple and that is so comforting. I was happy not have any drama with them doubting each other or things along those lines. You know they are going to find the other even if they have to go through gut wrenching experiences to do it.

So many interesting things happening on the political front. When I was a kid there was priate game I used to play as a kid. I wish I could remember what it was because nobody ever seems to know what I’m talking about. It reminds me of that though. Marrying the governor's daughter or going on secret missions. How piracy ties into political motivations of the different settlements. There is also more about the slave trade and the position it puts Anne in at times.

I love how this origin story is coming together. Piece by piece we are seeing what will someday truly make Teach, Blackbeard.

I thought this was a great continuation of the first book. Like I said it can hurt your heart at times but it is also has those moments that are sweet. Of course I still love Nicole’s writing and I felt the book had good pacing. If you enjoyed the first book, I think you will enjoy this one as well.

Nicole was lucky enough to come with her very own best friend...she has a twin sister who can read her mind and finish her sentences for her.

At the age of 13, she went to Europe for the first time and it changed her life. She loves learning about different people, languages and cultures and speaks fluent German. She knows enough Spanish to get herself into trouble and can still read the Cyrillic alphabet from when she studied Russian.

She received her B.A. from Brigham Young University and has lived in Germany, Austria and two different places called Georgia. One is located on the Black Sea. The other is the state of Georgia where she now lives with her handsome husband and two beautiful children who continue to amaze her.



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