Boomerang Boyfriend by Chris Cannon

Title: Boomerang Boyfriend
Author: Chris Cannon
Published: September 11th 2017 by Entangled Publishing, LLC
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Working with her best friend’s brother at Betty’s Burgers, free-spirited Delia starts to see Jack in a new light. Not only has Jack-the-Jerk turned into a hottie, he’s even acting like a nice guy, who rescues dogs and knows how she likes her coffee. But if Jack is into her, then why is he keeping her a secret? Of course, if her best friend doesn’t approve, Delia could lose the only family she’s ever known.
Seeing Delia in her retro waitress uniform throws Jack’s world out of whack. She’s always been just another pain in the butt little sister…not a datable female. But she’s rockin’ the Pie Princess tiara, and even her hot-pink striped hair is sexy. What’s that about? He needs to get his head on straight, because artsy, funky Delia and her nonconformist ways don’t fit in his safe and ordered world.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains kisses that make the world fall away and snarky humor that may cause you to LOL in public places.
Boomerang Boyfriend was such a cute story and just what I needed to get a break from heavier issues.

I love this kind of story. Two people who have known eachother forever and have now just realized they both have grown up. In this case it’s Delia and her best friends brother. Which brings a layer of complications since Delia is like part of their family already.

There were times that Delia’s personality was a little too much for me but at the same time I really liked that she didn’t care what people thought of her. She’s willing to be adventurous and fun and go after what she wants. She doesn’t wait for a guy to make the move, she’s not afraid to put herself out there so that she doesn’t waste her energy on something not worth it.

Jack was kind of a jerk and sourpuss in the beginning but he also lost his dad and grandpa. I think he was just struggling to living with all girls and dealing with his grief. He was rough around the edges but I think he has a good heart and Delia brings out a fun side to him. Although he was a little bit on the jealous side.

I live in Chicagoland but the setting of Canton, IL sounded familiar and I realized my husband was actually born in Canton. I actually have family that lives a little southwest from there so it is always to fun to have a setting in an area you are familiar with.

The story has some great side characters. It would be nice to see more books featuring them in their own stories. Maybe finding their own loves. I really liked how involved the parents are as well. Even Delia’s parents who work too much still have a presence. It’s always nice to see.

I really enjoyed this book and it was the fun light read I was looking for.