The Mortician's Daughter by C. C. Hunter

Title: The Mortician's Daughter
Author: C.C. Hunter
Publication: October 31st 2017
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Her dad’s an alcoholic. Her mom passed away when she was young. She sees dead people. Can seventeen-year-old Riley Smith’s life get any crazier? Yes it can.

When Riley’s attempt to help a spirit leads her to the discovery that the young woman’s death wasn’t an accident, she finds herself face-to-face with the killer. And just when things seem like they couldn’t get any more complicated, she’s visited by another ghost, a boy her age, whose smile makes her melt. Her job is to convince him to pass over, but her heart doesn’t want to let him go.

The Mortician’s Daughter by C.C. Hunter was a great read. A great plot and sweet romance. Along with other characters that round out the story.

I loved the plot. Riley is someone who can talk to and see spirits of people who have unfinished business. As a Mortician’s daughter this gives the spirits easy access to her as they often follow her father home. She might not like her dad’s job (My FIL has the same job ha, so my husband lived over a funeral home) but it gives her an opportunity to help people. I think as much as she thinks it’s embarrassing, she also sees the good of it.

I like that a parent figure is very present and not only are we seeing Riley’s struggles with teenage life. We also get to see how she deals with being the daughter of a single dad. They have their ups and downs and disagreements but they also have a very strong bond. They are for the most part, a team. So when Riley has some concerns about her dad it’s hard for her to cope. She doesn’t have another parent to talk it over with or even to help her understand. I liked how this aspect of her life is shown.

I don’t want to compare this series to Shadow Falls but some of the things I love about the Shadow Falls series continue on. I love that C.C. Hunter always has strong female friendships in her stories. The Mortician’s Daughter is no exception. Riley is starting at a new school and of course feeling lonely but she soon finds companionship in the friends she makes. One of them being Kelsey. They just click and understand each other easily.

So I had my suspicions about Hayden from the get go and I wasn’t surprised that they turned out to be correct. I really like him though and the way he reacts with Riley. He understands a part of her that would not be easy for other people. Maybe with time they would but he doesn’t need evidence and there is no room for doubt with him. They fill a hole for each other.

So of course another boy and of course he’s a good guy so I have no idea to root for! It’s not situation where she is leading anyone on. It’s not that kind of love triangle. It fits well with the story and the way the plot is going and it was like ahh this is so hard!

I really enjoyed the story and that it had a mix of mystery and romance. While still dealing with teenage and family issues.