She's With Me by Ava Violet

She's With Me (She's With Me #1)
Author: Ava Violet
Publisher: Wattpad Books
Release Date: January 7th, 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year.

Her plans change drastically when she runs- literally- into the school's hottest badass and number one person on the 'don't mess with' list, Aiden Parker.

Amelia needs to find a way to survive senior year while she tries not to fall for the annoyingly handsome Aiden, or his mischievous, cocky player of a best friend, Mason.

With new friends, fun pranks, bitchy queen bees, old rivalries, and a haunting past, Amelia's senior year is destined to be filled with some drama.

She’s with Me is a story about a girl that is running from her past and finds a motley crew of friends at her new school.

Okay I first have to say that I had no idea this book was not a standalone, so when I got to the end. I’m like wait what. Ummm…. So fair warning because you will be reading along waiting for the next thing that you are expecting to happen and then it doesn’t and then it’s the end and you are like whhaaaattt. Ha ha. It caught me off guard in a good way because I wasn’t expecting it.

So the beginning of the book reminded me of Boys Over Flowers(Meteor Garden) and F4. It’s funny because I always thought if I wrote a book I would want there to be a strong boy group like in that manga/drama. I did get some overtones of Mean Girls but also a little Grease. It was an interesting mash-up. It also does it’s own thing though I’m not saying it’s just going from one to the other. I did struggle with feeling like some of the plot was too drawn out and long, some things could have been condensed and the mean girl Kaitlyn was a little over dramatic. I’m concerned that she might need to speak with someone. I did really like the developing relationship between Amelia and the Boys (I continue in my head to call them F4) and a couple of the girls. I’m always a fan of hate to love romance. I’m not sure why but it’s cute to see them find their way to one another.

I was so mad at Amelia’s mom though. I don’t want to get all judgy on other parents, I try not to. She’s not real so I feel more justified. I’m sorry but what?? The way she treats her and the things she says. Plus she leaves her alone all the time with the situation she is in. I’m sorry what! I wanted to reach in there and say no, this is your fault lady. Ugh. Ughhhh.

Amelia and Aiden both have their own stuff going on and that’s what I think draws them together. It was nice that Aiden had more robust backstory to him and it wasn’t just thrown in there. He has reasons for the way he does things and the way he is. I did really like their slowly developing romance.

I liked Amelia as a character too. She is what she should be a teenager that wants a normal life. That finds it hard to just keep to herself and wants to have friends. She is very strong and willing to stand up for herself.

So overall it was definitely an interesting read. I had my suspicions about Amelia’s secret but I didn’t have it all figured out when the story is revealed. Which is good. I did really enjoy the romance between Aiden and her.

Jessica is an indecisive university student from a small town near Toronto, Canada. She published her first young adult novel She’s With Me, on Wattpad under the name “AvaViolet” when she was 17 years old. In just over 2 years, her story has amassed over 61 million reads and has reached the number one spot in teen fiction more times than she can count. Her story She’s With Me won the 2016 Wattys “Talk of the Town” award, as well as The 2016 Fiction Awards “Best Teen Fiction.” She also won The 2016 Writer Awards for Novelist of the Year and Wattpad Writer of the Year.

Jessica enjoys hiking, the outdoors, and trying to sneak her way out of inevitable awkward situations. She can often be found daydreaming about scenarios which have a 5% chance of actually happening to her. But she doesn’t mind, since she can transform them into awesome stories which she can vicariously live through.

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