News from Blogland

Kirsten Miller (Kiki Strike & Eternal Ones series): Kirsten featured a very neat idea on her blog. It's called Little Free Libraries. You create a little random library that your neighbors can borrow books from. She has a great picture on there and more information of where to find the article. She is also offering to help your library by adding one of her books, until she goes broke.

Brodi Ashton (Everneath series): So Brodi has been making her round of final revisions and she has killed an entire character! Not one that we have met but still.....check out her thoughts on it HERE

Jessic Spotswood (Born Wicked): Are you reading Born Wicked, well how about some music to go along with that book. Jessica posted her playlist
Entangled in Romance (publishing): Entangled held a contest to vote for your favorite cover for
Flawed by Kate Avelynn I personally liked the other cover better but the winner is still good too.
You can see the other choice HERE

Cover Reveals!!

Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton (goodreads)

Wow I love this cover. It has that creepy element to it.

Black City by Elizabeth Richards (goodreads)