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Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

My love of books of course! I love talking about books but none of my friends read as much as I do.....or at all really. So when I stumbled on Mundie Moms blog, I thought it would be fun to do myself. I've actually had websites since the internet surfaced for public consumption with AOL. My first site being dedicated to Sailor Moon. I used to do more design but with kids and work I've kind of fell out of practice. It's a great community I'm glad to be a part of it.

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About Jen

I love books, tea/coffee(by the gallon) and sour candy. I wear my nerd badge with pride and have two children ages 5 and 3 that keep me on my toes.
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  1. Hi Jen! New follower from Follow Friday! Lol. It looks like we share a love of JLA's books and tea (iced, I'm assuming since it's by the gallon)!

  2. Same here, family around here thought I was crazy LOL. So its nice to know I'm not.


    My FF

  3. Yep, my reasons were pretty much the same! I wanted to share my books with everyone! My Follow

  4. Same with me! Most of my friends don't really get that urge to just rave about awesome books and characters!
    new follower :)
    Here's my FF

  5. Hi & Happy Friday!

    We started for similar reasons :) <3 Sailor Moon!

    My FF: http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/feature-and-follow-friday-13th-july.html

  6. Omg Sailor Moon?! I LOVE/ED Sailor Moon when I was a kid! (And still do...). It was the best cartoon/anime show ever! I have such fond memories of Sailor Moon. I used to play Sailor Moon with my friends and I would always be Sailor Moon so Tuxedo Mask could save me/do some butt kicking with Tuxedo mask. Or I would be Sailor Venus because I thought she was really pretty. Plus they were the only too blondes and I was blonde. I used to dream of marrying Tuxedo Mask... Bahaha. Was an awesome childhood for sure!

    Definitely new Follower via RSS!

    My FF

  7. Yes, none of my close friends or family read either since my mother passed away. Blogging is a great way to share my love with those who have a similar passion.

    Here's my <a href="http://laurenstvtotebookbag.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/follow-me-friday-51.html:>reason for blogging</a>.

  8. Great answer! I'm lucky to have a real life Book buddy to squeal about books with, but I still need the online community. The more the merrier, right?

    I am a follower, I'd love it if you visited me and returned the favour.

    My FF

  9. Hey! Nice reason to start blogging! I don't have book loving friends either, in real life I mean.

    I'm a new follower via GFC ;)

    Stop by my Follow Friday and return the favor?

  10. I always had lost of thoughts bouncing around in my head and a friend suggested blogging and it all worked out. now i have a place to tell my story!

    new follower!

  11. I enjoy blogging on a daily basis.


  12. FF new follower! I love books too! I knew this question would have a lot of similar answers!!:)



  13. Scary, your first line is almost exactly the same as my first line :p That's why I love your answer so much ^^


  14. I absolutely love you're blog, and your background is so intriguing!

    I'm a new follower via GFC

    My FF: http://wellpinaroseonyournose.blogspot.com/2012/07/feature.html


  15. I love mangas too. That's why my blog includes book manga and everything in between.

    New follower.
    My FF

  16. This is so cool! I love the name of your blog! My debut YA book is about witches. I followed here and on Twitter. Now off to follow more!

  17. Hopping on by to see the answers, already a follower. :) here is my FF Post

  18. Hello,
    Following through the FF Hop. Please follow back at http://nettesbookshelf.blogspot.com
    following under Nette

    Thanks! :D

  19. Hey there! I just started following you!
    Here is my FF :
    Thanks (:

  20. I'm a new follower from the blog hop - I can totally relate, it seems like so many of us book lovers started blogging to find some other people who shared our obsession! Here's my FF: http://hdsreadingcorner.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-hoppin.html


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