Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings in Books

1. Wizarding World of Harry Potter ~ Even long into my adulthood I'm still waiting for my letter of admission to Hogwarts. I don't think a more colorful and detailed world has ever been created.

2. The Nevernever of the Iron Fey Series ~ This is one of those series that even though I absolutely loved the characters (My book boyfriend Ash) I loved the world so much that I could read about any character in it. That's why I'm so glad she is doing another series still set in it.

3. The Shadowhunter world in Cassandra Clare's TMI & ID series ~ I love this world and I want to be a shadowhunter myself. Plus it's set in the premise that it exists all around us, we just don't know it.

4. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern ~ I want to live in this circus and be one of the acts. This book is amazing and the vivid world Erin creates sucks you in.

5. Pride and Prejudice ~ It's not really a separate world but I remember as a kid being fascinated by Historical Fiction of all sorts. I loved the idea of going to balls and having suitors. Although I know the reality of it is not as pretty but I enjoy being sucked into the romance of it.

6. Panem (The Hunger Games) ~ So this world is sad and scary but also really amazing. We don't spend a whole lot of times in other districts yet we seem to know a lot about them.

7. The Seven Kingdoms (Graceling Series) ~ One of my favorite fantasy kingdoms to date.

8. Narnia ~ This is one of the worlds that really got me into fantasy. I love Narnia and all the strange and different characters in it. I'm pretty sure I used to check the back of my closet constantly as a kid.

9. Black Dagger Brotherhood Series ~ Hot Vampires battling it out with Lessening Society (undeadish types) right under our noses. How could that not be great. I just loved the way these books really get into this close knit society on both sides.

10. The Lord of the Rings ~ It's been so long since I've read these books but I can still remember the world if nothing else about them.