TGIF (Not yet but it's going to be good)

So a couple of exciting things are happening tomorrow. Number 1 on my personal list is the release of the Obsidian trailer. It's going to be epic, I've been reading  Onyx and I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to wait for Opal to be released.

Get the details on Jennifer Armentrout's site. I highly anticipate me they are just as beautiful in person as on the screen.

Also the exciting thing happening tomorrow is...

Yep let the games begin. I'm pretty excited about the contenders although I'm so glad Ash and Daemon are not being pitted against eachother in the first series. I would be so lost. Make sure you make your way over there tomorrow for the first round which includes Will from the ID series. Oh ya and some other guys....can you tell who my pick is. :o)