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Q: Share something you’ve learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

Hmm this a tough question. I think it's the power of google. I've round that using google drive to write my reviews helps me pull them up no matter where I am at. Rather than having bits and pieces all over the place. I also know that writing a review while I'm reading a book works out better for me. That way I don't lose my thoughts about particular areas. I've tried using bookmarks but unless I can write in the margins that doesn't really work for me. Google calendar is my best friend and helps keep me in line.
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I love books, tea/coffee(by the gallon) and sour candy. I wear my nerd badge with pride and have two children ages 5 and 3 that keep me on my toes.
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  1. Google is pretty much all powerful....world domination?? O.O
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  2. Google Calender is awesome especially since I have it on my phone, computer, ereader!!

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  3. I was using Google calendar for a while and it was great - now that I've switched to WP I have a calendar that actually has my posts on it, which I'm loving. Either way, a calendar is certainly a must. I don't know if I could write reviews as I read, I think I might get too distracted - but I do mark up what I'm reading hard core so that I can remember what I was thinking as I read.

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    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

  4. So true. I used to just read a book then write the review but then i realized i forgot my points and what i really wanted to highlight. great answer :)

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  5. I actually write reviews wherever it's easiest. most of the time it's a word doc and then my "Notes" if it's my iPod


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  6. I'll have to check out google calendar and see what this is all about, lol!

    Old follower!

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    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  7. I LOVE Google Calendar!!! Especially since I have an Android phone and I have my calendar on my phone (it has it's own page on my home screen LOL)I've never thought of writing my reviews in Drive though. I use it to keep track of upcoming releases for my Tempt Me post (and it's turned into my buy list) and I've used it with sharing and creating quizzes with my book group. Have a great weekend Jen!

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

  8. That's a great tip, I'll start using Google drive too :D

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  9. I usually write my notes for reviews on post-its and then type my whole review in one sitting, so I don't really need to use google drive. That's still a cool idea - I would never have thought of that!
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  10. I've recently been using google calender as well. It really helps me. Happy Friday. New follower via bloglovin

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