The Omnific Angels: Carol Oates

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About the Books

When Candra Ember wakes up in hospital after a dangerous encounter with a red-haired woman, she is shocked to discover that seeing a winged boy wasn’t her imagination. Candra is exposed to a world of rivalry and sacrifice she never knew existed, and the aftermath of a war to save humanity thousands of years ago. Soon she finds herself relentlessly stalked by Sebastian, a beautiful and arrogant Watcher Angel and romantically pursued by his darkly seductive rival, Draven. Ultimately, dubious about her own goodness, Candra’s very existence compromises a tentative peace in the city of Acheron.

Candra Ember used to dream of saving the world one person at a time. She never expected to become an angelic weapon and the last hope in the battle against ultimate darkness.

Falling for a Nephilim wasn’t part of Sebastian’s plan. Distraction is something he can’t afford when his rival, Draven, wants what Sebastian has.

Lies, manipulation, and corruption are twisting the lives of the citizens in Acheron. The Arch is missing from Heaven, and a demon is intent on claiming the city. At a time they should be growing closer, grief and paranoia is driving Candra and Sebastian apart.

If the price of restoring the Watchers to Heaven is a human soul, who deserves to be saved?

Character Interview

Arriving early to a penthouse suite Inferno Hotel in Acheron for today’s interview, I’m surprised to find both Draven and Sebastian are waiting. It’s more surprising to find them both relaxed and engaged in civil conversation.

Draven stands from the red velvet couch, wearing casual jeans and a fitted white shirt. His sleeves are rolled up over taut forearms. With his designer clothes, dark hair and movie star smile, he looks right at home in the opulent surroundings.

“Hello. I’m so glad you made it here safe and sound. I’m Draven and this is Sebastian.”  He gestures to the man behind him and immediately moves to one of the Queen Anne chairs and pulls it nearer to the table for me where afternoon tea is set out complete with miniature sandwiches and scrumptious cakes on a silver stand.

“Jenna Asher, Acheron Globe Weekender.” I don’t offer to shake his hand since I’m aware Draven doesn’t like to be touched. Sebastian nods in acknowledgement and throws his arm over the backrest of the couch.

“I’m glad to be here.” I blush despite myself and reach into my bag to grab my recorder, hoping the color will fade fast.

Apart from disarming good looks, these two couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. Sebastian’s clothes appeared worn, his blond hair ruffled and in need of a trim, giving him a fresh from a California beach look. Easy confidence rolled off him.

“How about we let Draven play mom and pour the tea while we get started on your questions,” Sebastian smirks, scratching a glass-cut jawline.

Draven rolls his eyes and goes about serving us. I clear my throat and refer to my notes to avoid direct eye contact with Sebastian. It feels strangely like the man can peer into my soul.

“There’s been a lot of speculation on the gossip sites about the relationship between you two. Nobody seems to know much about you, Sebastian. How did it happen that a man with no past to speak of is holding secret meetings with one of the most powerful men in the city?”

Sebastian barks a laugh. “Appearances can be deceptive.”

Draven shoots him a warning glare and I already get a sense I won’t hear many answers.

“What Sebastian means,” Draven tells me as he places a delicate white china cup in front of me, “is he’s not at all mysterious. Our relationship is merely that our families go back a long way. Sebastian is helping me with an on-going project.”

Sebastian is watching him talk, his lips pressed taut. He clearly wants to say more.

“Oh.” My journalist spidey senses tingle. I sense a scoop. “Is this a project we’ll be hearing about soon?”

Draven’s face is a perfect mask of calm, too calm. He’s hiding something. “I certainly hope not.”
“What about the sudden upsurge of violent crime in the city. Are you concerned your project may be affected?”

Sebastian scoots forward on the couch and lifts his hand to indicate he’s got this one. “While this “Project”,” he makes air quotes and smiles in a way I’m sure in meant as a distraction, “is ongoing, security in the city is a premium concern. We’ve both brought in extra guards to help the authorities.”

“You mean mercenaries?” I ask, confused but positive this is a scoop. They’ve been protecting the city with their own people.

Sebastian suddenly commits his expression to the same blank mask Draven wore a moment ago. “I mean individuals who are exceptionally experienced in protection. It’s not something we are free to discuss further.”

Cut off again, I refer to my notes and change direction. “Given that there will be photographs accompanying the article, I’m sure our female readers would love to know if there is a special lady in either of your lives?”

“Yes,” the young men say in unison.

Tension cuts through the air all of a sudden and my china cup rattles on the saucer as I attempt to lift it. I seem to have crossed into unwelcome questions again. Neither will look at the other.

“Care to elaborate?” I chance the question hoping for a reply against all odds.

“I’m seeing someone,” Draven answers somewhat smugly. “But I prefer to keep my private life private.” His eyes finally settle on Sebastian and an eyebrow arches.

Sebastian releases a lungful of air and smiles like the cat that got the cream. He sits back and settles his ankle across his knee. “There is someone I’m spending a lot of time with. I think you could say we’re closer than friends.”

Draven’s eyes narrow almost imperceptivity and his careful mask drops for an instant. I’m about to ask if Sebastian would like to offer the lucky girl’s name when Draven stands.

“I apologize, Ms. Asher, I’ve just remembered I have something I need to attend to.”

“Oh, yes.” I haven’t made it half way through my questions. I stand anyway, sure the interview is over.

“Please feel free to make use of the hotel. Stay and have lunch if you wish. On me of course.”

“That’s very kind,” I reply but Draven is already out the door.

Sebastian grabs a handful of tiny cakes and smiles. “That was interesting. Nice to meet you.”

Then he’s gone too and I’m left alone and wondering if it was something I said. 

Author information

Carol Oates has never been one to remain still for long. After her parents' mad dash to the hospital through the empty city streets of Dublin, Ireland, Carol made her debut into the world in the early hours of Christmas morning. Since then her pace has not slowed down in the least.

Carol was introduced to the world of supernatural books when, as a child, her family moved to a coastal suburb on the northern border of Dublin known as Clontarf, famous as the birthplace of Bram Stoker, the prolific author responsible for breathing life into the legendary story Dracula. This stirred in Carol an early passion for reading about all things supernatural. Combine that passion with a deep interest in the history and folklore of Ireland, as well as an active and vivid imagination, and Carol Oates the author was born. Carol's love of writing about anything not entirely "human" emerged, and the premise for her debut novel, Shades of Atlantis, was born.

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