Sunday Post: Book Haul

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Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone gets to enjoy it and if you have to work on Monday, I understand your pain. I use to have to work every holiday including Christmas in my old life. It's been a really long anxiety week for me so I'm hoping to relax a little at some point. Of course the best way to help with anxiety is too read, read, read right. On to the books!

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There are still some reviews I need to post up but due to my week I just didn't manage it. This week I have a few blog tours and things to check out. Woot! So make sure to stop back.

So I decided to get all instagramy with my Book Haul this week. I'm not sure why I just got in the mood.

Book Haul:

So let's start with the smexy guys books. I'm not sure if smexy is a word but I like how it sounds

Now here's the thing. I love JLA and have read all her books, including adult but when a book gets so hyped I have a tendency to hold off reading it for a bit. Not sure why, it's just a thing with me like I've been overwhelmed.

These are a couple books that I won from Epic Reads and EM Castella. It's nice because I have an arc of Assunder but had an ebook of Incarnate so now I can put the two together instead.
The Split Worlds: Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (publisher)

eArc of A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron (netgalley)
I'm so excited to read this. I loved the first book!

Some very cool swag from Cherie Colyer. The hemp bracelet is part of the swag. If you read the books (which you should) you will know why.

I'm on the Venom Squad so I got my button and some things to pass out. Bookmarks and cards. I'm trying to decide where best to spread the word. (it would have been smarter to put the swag in front of the books)

Then I was lucky enough to go to a C.J. Redwine and Rae Carson signing. Very exciting. I love hearing authors speak about their books and their process. 
So of course I got the latest editions of their books and had all my books signed. 

and that is the end of my book haul and my fun with instagram this week. Thanks for stopping by!!