Sunday Post: Book Haul

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It's been a long week and a fun week. I've been dealing with some crazy headache that will not leave me alone, but I also live in Chicago where there is no such thing as stable weather. So I'm hoping it's related to that and not with something else. Ugh. Anyway I went to two book signings this week. First Holly Black, who I have never actually read her books but since I have heard so many good things decided to go. I have to say she was an awesome speaker. She is very funny and super personable. She walks around, reads from her book and ask the audience question. I think she is probably an awesome author to have at a school. I also went to a Sarah J Maas signing because I love her. She is also just super fun and I laugh so hard at her signings. She's about my age so I think it's so easy to relate to stories when that's the case. This coming week I'm going to see Kendare Blake so I'm excited for that. Woot! Woot!

Happenings on Blog:
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Book Haul:
Wait For You (signed)
Origin (signed)

I got this cool glow stick at the book signing and brought one home for my kids. My son walked around all over with it. 

I did get some cool ebooks too but I'm going to put them on my post next week. Just not organized enough today!