Sunday Post: Book Haul

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It's Sunday, sometimes I'm not sure if I should cheer that it's a day off or be sad because it means I have to go to work tomorrow. This was my birthday week so I did get some books. I'm not going to share my ebooks until next week I've decided but I have pictures of my lovely phsyical books. Also my Book Club is doing a Read-a-thon this month that I'm already failing on. If you have any book suggestions that would be great. Check out the list of what qualifies HERE

Book Haul

So it was my birthday on the 8th and that is usually more bookish for me then Christmas. My husband bought me the awesome book quote blanket from Barnes & Noble and let me tell you it's soft and warm and I absolutely love it. He also bought some books that I had wanted. (Notice I use the blanket as the background.

Perfect Ruin
Happy Marriage!? (manga)
Alice in Zombieland (I've been wanting to read this forever)
Cinderella Screwed Me Over (Another one I've been wanting to read. I really wanted a physcial copy not an ebook for some reason.)

My mom also bought me a book for my birthday. She wanted it to arrive on my actual birthday but because of the snow we didn't even get mail some days. Then I also won a book from Goodreads (ya I know right)

Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey (I love the cover of book 2 so I wanted the collection for my shelf)
Stormbringer by Shannon Delany 

This ARC of Univited was found and unclaimed. So after screaming about book abuse. You can tell the cover was bent back and around I brought it home. Told it I would love it and never hurt it the way it has been.

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

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