Sunday Post : Book Haul

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Another week gone by and it's already January 19th. I can hardly believe it. Time seems to tick away way too fast sometimes. I just got information about sending my son to kindergarten next year and almost broke down in tears. Ya I'm that sappy mom. Enough about me on to blog stuff. So I've made plenty of resolutions to myself even though I haven't posted them on the blog. Things that I want to improve and make the blog look more interesting. One of my improvements I'm trying to make is to have more pictures. By that I mean when I talk about past post have an picture to accompany it rather than some text in a link. When I look at other blogs I'm not just reading their content but thinking about things I like and dislike about what they've done. I'm very visual person and so I thought maybe my readers are too. I could type The Almost Girl but that might not jog your memory about what book it is but if you see the cover you think. Oh ya I saw that book was kind of wondering if it was any good. So thus the new way of doing my blog week summary....

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Book Haul

My other new thing is to make graphics for things for my post. Like Reivew, Giveaway, etc.  so it stands out more in case you just want to skim for that particular thing. Although I hope you read everything. :) I haven't made a Book Haul graphic yet obviously though. I forgot ha ha.

As far as physical books I only got one this week. It was a pleasant surprise on a very snowy day.

Here is a sampling of ebooks. I seem to have become an ebook reader even though I'm a firm lover of physical books. I understand though that it's easier for publishers as much as I crave to hold and love a book.