Sunday Post: Book Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! It's supposed to be 58 degrees today. 58!!! We plan on spending some part of the day outside because well. How could you not.

Another sad week but I don't want to talk about it so I'm going to talk about fun things. My kids stayed at my MIL on Friday so I stayed home from work figuring it would be a mini-vacation. What ended up happening is it took so long to sort and clean my kids toys just in the family room that I hardly had time for reading. Then it was off to Chicago Bulls game. They lost but it was fun. The seats we get are row D so I could spit on the players if I wanted to we are so close. (I would not spit on anyone). Then Saturday my husband and I went to this awesome arcade where they have tons of old games. You just pay 15 dollars and it's free play all day long. I get further in the arcade games when I have unlimited continues.
This is what it looks like. Just rows of games and it smells like an arcade (kind of like how bookstores have a smell. That's my husband on the left. He would be mad that even this much of him is on my blog. ha. 

So besides that I'm in book bounce mode again. I really am having a hard time with ebooks. I just want to read physical books and sometimes I think it's because all I do is look at a computer all day at work. Or look at other peoples computers. I think that's why on the weekends I'm offline. Anyway my goal was to get all my currently readings off my shelf in goodreads and all I'm doing is adding. Ugh. I'm so crazy. Plus my UC is still flaring up and stealing my energy so I haven't been able to pull any late night reading excursions lately. I've also noticed that goodreads has some of the books I've read marked as want to read. Frustrating. So when I come across them I fix them. So that's enough of my ramblings....


Only today left for the Between Us Giveaway



all have currently running giveaways

I'm excited for all the fun stuff going on this week. I have some great books to share with you. 

I won Jessica Brody's contemp books from a Fierce Reads read-a-thon. #ReadUnremembered
Sorry they are hard to see but we've been getting sunlight so rarely that I have to put it in the shot.
I also won Carnelian.

I recieved
for a blog tour. It's nice to have an actual hold in my hands book sometimes



So many great books. I can't wait to read. I'm going to be reading like a mad woman the next couple weeks!!