Sunday Post: Book Haul

Monday I went to a signing for Jessica Brody. It was a small crowd, just me and two girls that drove from Ohio. I thought that was pretty awesome of them and they should give their mom a huge hug. It's something that my mom would have totally done for me I know. Anyway it was actually lots of fun. I think I asked more questions then I have ever asked anybody in my life (that's no doubt not true because my husband used to tell me all the time I ask too many questions) but I do better in a smaller group. I'm not sure why that's just how I am. So of course like an idiot not only did I forget to take pictures I thought in my head I should have totally taken notes. Now I've got this knowledge in my head and I can't share it because I'm not organized enough. I will just spew a random fact at you at a random time. I did ask how she kept the memory lost straight I remember reading it and thinking how did Jessica remember what she was supposed to remember and not remember. She said it was hard and wrote things down in list so she would know. Made sense.

On Tuesday was the Divergent Chicago Premiere....did I My husband is an executive producer for news and said oh hey if you can get a sitter for the kids I can ask and get you in. Now getting a last minute sitter for the kids was not going to happen. Even if we had a teenager sitter I wouldn't be home until 11 at least (we are in the burbs) so not happening. At first I was super bummed about it but then figured Theo James was not going to make out with me and anything less would have been even more disappointing then not going. Plus I really wanted to meet Aubrey and Margot from Epic Reads. My husband was kind of like who. (he thinks he's so cool)

Wednesday my dad got in a car accident and so it through me off for the rest of the week. He's okay, fractured ribs. Which they can not do anything about you just have to sit in pain until they heal. My dad was in the city and swerved to avoid another accident and slipped on the stupid snow that was falling and hit a wall. Luckily he was driving a truck. Just with his cancer battle this was just another thing with him where you freak out.

Wow that was a lot of info but it mostly book related!! I'm reading 3-4 books a week but I feel behind on my reading. Which drives me nuts!! I have 4 reviews this week with blog tours. I'm not sure why I scheduled myself that way but the books all looked good and they are good. Plus the time change!! I hate losing an hour!

Alright on to the blog stuff........

Book Reviews

Author Interviews

Cover Reveals

Release Day/ Cool News


Aurora Sky (Ends Today)
The Star Thief (Ends Today)
Garden of Ashes (4 days)
Til Death (6 days)
Sex on the Beach (Ends 21 days)

Cool things from the signing
I had my Arc and a Finished copy signed
Girls Gone Sci-Fi poster
Cool Unremembered necklace from Hebel Designs

I did get some eArcs but I'll put them in the next post being I'm sure I won't get any phsyical books this week.